Thursday, January 29, 2015

Battle Report: Sturgis vs Syntherion

Yet another fun game with Sturgis last night. Super quick because I'm pressed for time.

My list: Sturgis, Stormwall, Squire, Stormblades (6+UA+3WA), Stormblade Captain, Journeyman, Gun Mage Captain Adept, Tarin, and I chose the Arcane Wonder Objective. (all same as before to practice for the tournament)

The game: My opponent fielded Tier 4 Syntherion, Assimilator, Cipher, Corollary, Diffuser, 2 Galvanizers, Transfinite Emergence Projector, Attunement Servitors, and 2 units of Optifex Directives. He chose the Bunker Objective.

We played the SR2015 Destruction scenario. I lost initiative and got selected to go second, so I picked a table side that had elevation to work with. By my second turn things were getting ugly. The Stormwall got the drop on the Assimilator and destroyed it, also clearing Directives and nearly wrecking the Objective. Stormblades took a beating and got mostly wiped out by the Projector and various jack attacks. Sturgis counterattacked and with Tarin's help started clearing out all the light jacks. By the end, Syntherion had taken lots of damage from several attacks all around, including a few points from feedback off Sturgis' weapon. At that point I was up 3-0 on control points and he needed a damage roll spike to pull out an assassination which didn't come through.

Lessons learned: Sturgis with Arcane Shield on him is a nice buffer. I'm also getting better at using his all his features. This last game I hit almost everything except his 2 attack spells and his Riposte. I've become a big fan of using his chain attack flash and Teleport spell to fly in and pop back out. I've also found that jamming the Stormwall forward as much as possible on my first activation is generally a good idea. Last night I also tried to play to a death clock with moderate success. I definitely need to be able to play faster, but playing to a 35 minute clock last night was a good practice for me. At this point I feel about as ready as I can be for the tournament.

Games this year: 4

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