Sunday, February 01, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #72

Worst play call EVER!

Fast post tonight because I'm tired and it's late, so just a single picture of progress with some slammed together notes.
I painted up 3 lamp posts (from Wyrd) and put them on some old Secret Weapon bases I had, and then stuck them in a 40mm base to use as flags for SR2015 scenarios. I also finished off the Halfjacks and mines for Darius. Darius himself is fully assembled, along with a Minuteman, both of which are awaiting priming. In addition I got started on the Stormwall torso, the 2 Fireflies, and my Bloodseer.

Lastly I attended the Rotten Tomatoes tournament yesterday, but I'll safe that battle report for a separate post.

Darius Tier List Progress:
  • Darius - assembled
  • 3 Halfjacks - completed
  • Stormwall 2 - in progress
  • 3 Stormpods - completed
  • 6 Rangers - assembled
  • 6 Mechanics - primed
  • Storm Tower - completed

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