Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Battle Report: Stryker1 vs Syntherion

First game of February!

My list: Stryker1, Ironclad, Squire, Jakes Charger, Gastone, Vanguard, Gun Mages + UA, Hunter, Storm Strider, Storm Tower, Strangeways, Stormblade Captain, Journeyman, Reinholdt. I chose the Armory Objective to match with my Storm Tower.

The game: My opponent fielded Tier 4 Syntherion, Axiom, Corollary, Assimilator, Ciphe, Diffuser, Galvanizer, Transfinite Emergence Projector, 2 units of Optifex Directives, Optifex. He chose the Arcane Wonder Objective.

We played the SR2015 Two Fronts scenario. My opponent opted to go second which was tactical for when scoring starts. The game quickly turned towards an attrition grind that I was definitely going to lose so I set up for putting damage on Syntherion. On a round where he only had focus on Synth (putting him at 21 arm), I unloaded with the following ranged attacks: 1 gun mage, 2 direct Storm Strider hits, 2 fully boosted Charger shots, a boosted damage from the Hunter, a hand cannon from Jakes, and 2 fully boosted disruptor gun shots from Stryker. At the end of all that, Synth had 2 points of damage left. Even though I had destroyed his objective, Stryker went down pretty fast when the Axiom managed to charge into the Storm Strider and then via Synth's feat, weapon platformed to lay into Stryker with a pile more shots and attacks. Even through Stryker's feat, the assault was just too much.

Lessons learned: Bring a list of just whatever I've painted is fun, but I need to have more of a plan. I had some key setbacks like the cortex being blown out on the Ironclad by the battle engine, and the gun mage officer being taken out by a random AOE shot which hampered the Hunter's abilities. Still though, I do like Stryker's toolbox so it will be interesting to play him again with a more organized list.

Games this year: 9

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