Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Battle Report: eHaley vs eGoreshade

Aw yeah! eHaley and double Stormwalls! So douchy!

My list: eHaley, 2 Stormwall, Lancer, Squire, Jakes, Journeyman, Stormcaller, Tarin. Note that 1 Stormwall was with Jakes and the other with eHaley.

The game: My opponent fielded: eGoreshade, Kraken, Nightwretch, Tartarus, Wrathe, 2 Pistol Wraiths, Bane Thralls (10), Mechanithralls (10), Withershadow Combine

We played the SR2015 Two Fronts scenario and both picked the Fuel Cache objectives. This game was all about imminent threats. The Kraken with Phantom Hunter was a constant danger to eHaley the whole game, but with a hill to stand on and Deceleration up, it kept her at Def 20 against ranged attacks. Similarly Jakes was floating at Def 19 most of the time due to a forest and Deceleration. Attrition-wise I was grinding this game out pretty hard, especially after the feat round where lots of stuff just got shut down. Unfortunately there was a positioning miscalculation on my part and Curse of Shadows allowed the nearly destroyed Kraken to charge through my Stormwall and get to eHaley which pretty much splatted her. *sigh*

Lessons learned: First lesson is to always review the enemy caster's spell card each game. Always. Second, eHaley is totally ball busting, and playing double Stormwalls is crazy. I will say that despite this being a nasty list, it does look really awesome on the table. Despite having no units in my list, I felt like things were pretty well controlled.

Games this year: 11

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