Monday, February 16, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #74

I hate work travel.

I finally took proper pictures of stuff. Pictured here are the 3 lamp posts I painted and put on 40mm bases to use as flags for SR2015 scenarios. I painted them using the ModelMates weathering paints which were a real delight to experiment with. Essentially I just put down a base coat of Andrea Gunmetal, then went over various parts with Andrea Gold, then hit them in random spots with all three of the ModelMates paints that I got: Verdigris Blue, Verdigris Green, and Rush Effect. After that I gave them a quick wash using SWW Heavy Black to tone them down for contrast and painted the lamp light. They were a pretty quick project and now I have proper 40mm flags to use.

Along with the lamp posts are Tarin and Reinholdt re-based onto my new themed mercs basing style. I painted 9 such 30mm merc bases this week for future use. I also finished the Bloodseer and 2 Fireflies which will appear with proper pictures later this week. Darius finally got primed and base coated so I'll likely start painting him this week. The Stormwall didn't get any work done this week, but clearing other projects from my desk will hopefully improve my focus on it this week.

Speaking of focus, this has been the challenge of my painting desk for large projects. I tend to keep multiple projects ready to start at all times. So when big things are being worked on or I just need a change of scenery, I can switch to something else smaller. This is especially helpful for huge based models or units. Normally I like this, but lately it has felt like more of a distraction from finishing my second Stormwall rather than helping me avoid burnout. I should probably pack away all my un-started projects for the next week... but I won't.

As a side side note I also finished listening to Night Of the Necrotech on Audible and have to say it was one of my favorite books yet.

Darius Tier List Progress:
  • Darius - in progress
  • 3 Halfjacks - completed
  • Stormwall 2 - in progress
  • 3 Stormpods - completed
  • 6 Rangers - assembled
  • 6 Mechanics - primed
  • Storm Tower - completed

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