Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Battle Report: Sturgis vs pSorcha

Sometimes you just get a bad match up...

My list: Sturgis, Stormwall, Squire, Stormblades (6+UA+3WA), Stormblade Captain, Journeyman, Gun Mage Captain Adept, Tarin. (same as the other night)

The game: My opponent fielded pSorcha, Conquest, War Dog, Kayazy Assassins (10+Underboss), Mortar Crew, Drakhun (no dismount), Eiryss2

We played the SR2015 Incursion (3-flags) scenario. I can honestly say there wasn't serious dice failures overall except for Sorcha not being able to roll 4+ on 2 dice to destroy Stormpods twice in a row. What really happened was I just had a horrible match up. The Kayazy having stealth meant the Stormblades and Stormwall couldn't touch them until it was too late. The Conquest having access to boundless charge made for a longer threat range. Sorcha's feat managed to completely stall the Stormblades and effectively lead to them being taken out of the game. And finally, there was a wall positioned such that Sorcha was able to hide behind it, leap out to do stuff, then wind rush back behind it. I also played real poorly my first 2 turns of the game.

Lessons learned: I have a little more respect for Sturgis' feat having used it a couple times now, especially when coupled with Teleport to get back out of harm's way. Also having half my points tied up in Stormwall means I really only have 2 "fire teams" available to me which means I can't adapt as easily. More on that another time though.

Games this year: 2

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