Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Battle Report: Abby2 vs Asphyxious1

Wow am I rusty with Legion!

My list: Abby2 (tier 4), Archangel, Seraph, Neraph, Shredder, 4 Stingers, Forsaken, Striders (6+UA).

My opponent: Asphyxious1, Skarlock, Malice, 2 Nightwretches, Bile Thralls (10), Withershadow Combine, Aiakos, Leviathan, 2 Warwitch Sirens, 2 Pistol Wraiths, Saxon Orrick.

No scenario again. More of just getting back into playing. This battle could have gone better but early on Asphyxious managed to take out my Archangel and then teleport back to safety. After that my dice completely screwed me and things went downhill from there. Every time I had anything even remotely looking like a chance to assassinate Asphyxious, my dice would fail attack rolls and it would all come apart. It was pretty frustrating, but I played through anyway for the sake of learning.

Lessons learned: Asphyxious is such a pain to play against. And Abby2 is just... not... really... exciting to me. Maybe she'll grow on me eventually. I do however like the Neraph and I'm looking forward to trying him some more. Perhaps with a different caster though, like Abby1.

Games this year: 33

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