Thursday, November 26, 2015

Battle Report: Bethayne vs Borka2

No picture for this battle. It was just ugly.

My list: Bethayne, Belphagor, Succubus, Blightbringer, Seraph, Beast Mistress, Stinger, 2 Shredders, Blackfrost Shard, Hex Hunters (10+Bayal).

My opponent: Borka2, Mauler, Earthborn, Axer, Bouncer, Fell Caller, Janissa, Fennblades (10+UA), Krielstone Bearers (3+UA), Totem Hunter, Thrullg.

We played a basic killbox/center zone scenario. In all fairness, I should have lost this game too. Henry had me dead to rights given his brick of Borka/Mauler/Earthborn that was able to march forward with the protection of Janissa's stone wall. Unfortunately for him he positioned his Mauler too far to one side on the advance and I was able to Gallows it out via arcing through Belphagor. After 2 pulls of it (getting it out from protection of the krielstone aura), the Blackfrost Shard harmed it and then the Beast Mistress' posse was able to take out out the Mauler handily, and left the Mistress free to energizer them all back and heal 1 point of the Stinger's body back up. I was pretty happy with the execution of that. From there things slowly went downhill for Henry. In the end he made a bold attempt and took out the Blightbringer with the hopes of eliminating my main hitting power. However with the combination of Harm and the Beast Mistress' posse, things came to a bloody end for Borka.

Lessons learned: First, and most importantly, Carnivore short-circuits Battle Wizard because the targets are removed from play before being destroyed. That was really inconvenient for my Hex Hunters when it was pointed out to me. As a result I completely wasted my feat. The Blightbringer continues to be pretty mediocre. Being able to give it's template Continuous Corrosion from Bethayne was pretty amusing at least, but still not amazing. To be honest, all of it's blight effects tend to be pretty underwhelming to me.
I do really like the Beast Mistress and her posse. It's remarkable how much threat range and hitting power they can pull off, especially with the Blackfrost Shard there to harm stuff for them.

Games this year: 36

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