Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Battle Report: Thagrosh1 vs Syntherion

I continue to be underwhelmed by the Blightbringer, but I'm having trouble justifying it.

My list: Thagrosh1, Succubus, Blightbringer, Carnivean, Ravagore, Stinger, Seraph, 2 Shepherds, Forsaken.

My opponent: Syntherion (tier 4), Corollary, 2 Diffusers, 2 Galvanizers, Mitigator, 2 Ciphers, 2 Assimilators, 2 Dispersion Optifexes, 2 Optifex Directives.

No scenario yet again, which by halfway through the game was being lamented by Lance. At SPD 4 and going second, the Blightbringer is really hard to get upfield and be a melee threat. However I will say that putting the Blightbringer heavily forward with Spiny Growth on it against a mob of light jacks is pretty amusing. It would have been even more amusing if I'd had Thagrosh far enough forward for his aura to cover the space and improve the Blightbringer's effective ARM even more. Still though, this was a pretty decent combo. After jamming the Blightbringer forward, a wave of jacks and Syntherion eventually took it out after stacking a very respectable Synergy bonus. However at that point I had Thagrosh within range to Slipstream him up enough and charge Syntherion and put him in the dirt.

Lessons learned: The Blightbringer's +STR/ARM aura is warriors only, not the Blightbringer itself. That's really disappointing. totally missed that the first time through. The more I actually review it, the more I feel like everything the Blightbringer has is just a little bit curbed back from being good. Still though, having a gargantuan on the table brings a certain dynamic to the force. I will also say that playing against a Convergence list with no Prime Axiom is like playing a really different faction.

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