Sunday, November 22, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #98

Distractions distractions!

Last week I had my hobby time crushed by work stuff. And then this week is also a holiday week so who knows how much hobby time I'll actually get in. I'm still stuck against a Warmachine painting block. The Murder Ponies are still in progress and have a lot of inertia to getting moving on them again. Once I get rolling they will probably go fast, but I just need to get over that hump.

As a note about my DZC paint target, I've decided to just go ahead and wrap up the unpainted stuff I have for the sake of being complete. Hopefully I'll actually get another game in soon to justify this, but I will freely admit that closing out my DZC unpainted models would feel really great.

DZC Paint Target:
2 Zeus - done
2 Ares - done
2 Phobos - done
8 Immortals - done
4 Junos - 4 done
5 Neptunes - 4 done, 1 painting
Hades - done
2 Helios - done
2 Janus - done
2 Sirens - done
1 Triton A1 - done

Remaining DZC models:
Poseiden - painting
Neptune - primed
2 Triton A2s - assembled
2 Phobos - primed
2 Odin - primed
2 Enyo - primed

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