Sunday, November 29, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #99

Still painting, but posting before I pass out with my face in the palette.

So I'm finally painting something other than DZC! It's about time too. With my recent surge of playing Legion again, I've got a renewed vigor to paint some Legion models and the Twins and Zuriel were already primed and ready to go. I forgot how much I enjoyed painted Legion models too until I picked these up.

In other news, I realized I haven't got a new paint target. Normally I was working in lists, but that broke down once I finished my DZC paint target so now I need a new one. However first I'm hoping to close out my remaining DZC models as well as finish a few more Legion things. I might just work from a favorites list for the time being. The next week will really prove out what draws my enthusiasm. In the mean time, I'll track my remaining DZC models to finish on my weekend roundups.

Remaining DZC models:
Neptune - primed
2 Triton A2s - assembled
2 Phobos - primed
2 Odin - primed
2 Enyo - primed

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