Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Battle Report: Darius vs Lucant

I'm loving playing Cygnar.

My list (tier 4): Darius, 2 Stormwalls, Squire, 2 Stormblade Captains, 3 Stormsmiths, Storm Tower, Rangers, Mechanics (6).

My opponent fielded: Lucant, Axiom, Modulator, Corollary, 2 TPEs, Attunement Servitors, 2 units Optifex Directives, Clockwork Angels.

We played the Hardcore scenario so that Lance could test out Lucant specifically for it. The match was pretty brutal. He jammed in Axiom top of round 2 and brought up the TPEs on each flank, then feated with Lucant to really gum up the center. I rolled up 1 Stormwall and took out 1 TPE, then the other Stormwall came up and put a few hits on the Axiom but nothing major. The following round was rough with Lucant coming in to destroy most of a Stormwall by himself. The Axiom then finished it off and did almost half damage to the other Stormwall. Fortunately it survived. At this point I needed to get creative of the attrition game could have swung around against me. So after consulting my rules and the position of the board, I put 1 focus on the Stormwall, cleared a space, and ran it around Axiom to get into melee with Lucant who had no focus left. Then Darius cast Full Throttle (despite no charge benefits) to give boosted melee attack rolls, and then spends his remaining 3 focus on Jackhammer to roll out additional attacks from the Stormwall on Lucant. Game over!

Lessons learned: Sometimes an order of activation puzzle can be solved with careful rules reading. Not always, but sometimes. Also, Lucant is crazy in melee. In the game right before mine I watched him finish off a Conquest and Beast 09. Also also, my new Cygnar dice are pretty sweet and seem to roll well. Also also also, I am really loving playing Cygnar. It's a puzzle-solving-toolbox of fun.

Games this year: 15

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