Monday, March 16, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #78

Countdown to Lock and Load: 12 weeks.

Better late than not at all I guess. Last night and today were crazy busy so here's my super fast update.

After finishing my Mechanics I decided to get a couple Legion models done so I'm working on eAbby and the Neraph. I also started assembling more Cygnar stuff since I have very little assembled at this point. Nemo3, Finch and Dynamo are all assembled and the parts for Ol Rowdy, a Centurion, another Hunter and a Hammersmith are all trimmed and ready for assembly.

For better or worse, I pre-ordered the Cygnar all-in-one box. It isn't much of an overlap with my existing Cygnar collection and what does overlap will actually be great for any multi-caster games I can manage to get in. I'm pretty stoked to get it.

I also finished listening to the Dogs of War book on Audible. Poor Aurora just seems to get routed by everyone!

So now that my Darius tier list is completed, it's time for a new focus goal, so I've chosen a Nemo3 tier list.

Nemo3 Tier List Progress:
  • Nemo3 - assembled
  • Finch - assembled
  • Stormwall - completed
  • Dynamo - assembled
  • Thunderhead - completed
  • Mechanics - completed
  • Silverline Stormguard - blister
  • Stormcaller - completed
I'm also going to start tracking my total Cygnar points to work towards a 200pt Unbound game at Lock & Load hopefully...

Total Cygnar points painted for Unbound:
  • Casters: +45 pts (8 models)
  • Warjacks: 128 pts
  • Battle Engines: 9 pts
  • Units: 48 pts
  • Solos: 22 pts

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