Saturday, March 14, 2015

Battle Report: Stryker1 vs Severius1

My list: pStryker, Stormclad, Ironclad, Squire, Strangeways, Stormblades (6+UA+3WA), Stormblade Captain, Gastone, Vanguard.

My opponent fielded: pSeverius, Blessing of Vengeance, Devout, Hierophant, Avatar, Zealots (10+UA), Knights Exemplar, Choir (4), Wracks.

We went with no scenario since this was Henry's first time playing Menoth and I deferred to Henry for the initiative so he chose to go first. The picture above is at the end of the second round when I had popped Stryker's feat. From here things went downhill for me slowly. Sev feats, catching everything. Avatar and stuff proceeds to do some basic house cleaning. On my gimped round I manage to upkeep Arcane Shield on the Ironclad and walk around to knockdown a few things. Gastone flanks around leaving his Vanguard jammed in on the Avatar. Next round Sev rolls up Blessing and goes for double Immolations on Stryker but comes up 2 damage short (as was about right on average dice for the focus he had available. Avatar clearcuts the Ironclad and Vanguard in a single activation. At this point I had 4 models left: Stryker, Squire, Stormclad, Gastone. I was sorely outnumbered and Sev was sitting way back with a toe in the forest and his Devout just barely 2" in front of him. So at this point the "gloves come off". [Queue the assassination run background music]
Stryker puts 2 focus on the Stormclad, walks up just close enough to drop an Earthquake on the Devout and Chior that were blocking LOS to Sev. He then shoots the Chior member for good measure, and then puts Snipe on the Stormclad. Stormclad advances carefully and throws lightning at Sev, boosting hit and damage and drops a bunch of damage on him. Then Gastone swings around from the flank and pops a cap in Sev's ass. Fortunately I rolled "average" on my rolls for all this stuff. It was probably an overall 60% chance of success on that run all things considered. It was also fortunate in the placement of where everything was that I could get enough range from the Stormclad to Sev.

Lessons learned: Even when Sev's feat hits, it doesn't stop pulling a focus from the Squire to upkeep at least 1 spell. Also, having threat vectors is good. If Blessing had jammed into Stryker after the failed spell assassination and Sev had taken out Gastone earlier when he had the chance, this game would have completely ground me down to dust. Having ranged threat vectors with Cygnar is still a key element of how I play them.

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