Sunday, March 01, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #76


Finished eHaley! Finished Darius! This feels like a good week overall. I also got started on my Rangers with some airbrush base coating after having gotten more confident during the eHaley project. That was tempered by spending an hour and a half stripping down and cleaning my airbrush in detail. I was having a lot of problems with clogs. In the end I think I got it well cleaned but time will tell. I also got some paint on eAbby (after priming her) and started painting the unit leader for the Mechanics. Beyond the actual painting desk, I also got the Gobber Tinker assembled which has to be the second most annoying model to assemble in recent memory, after eAbby of course.

My next goal after this Darius tier list is really going to be looking at having 200pts for Unbound, and then after that to be caught up on Legion, but I'm trying to not get ahead of myself.

One last night, I finally finished reading the Exigence fluff. Time to get back to listening to Dogs of War.

Darius Tier List Progress:
  • Darius - completed
  • 3 Halfjacks - completed
  • Stormwall 2 - completed
  • 3 Stormpods - completed
  • 6 Rangers - in progress
  • 6 Mechanics - in progress
  • Storm Tower - completed

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