Saturday, March 21, 2015


This isn't my best work by a long shot. Not even in the the the parking lot of the mall across town from the ballpark of it. What it is though is finished. This Neraph model really is a fantastic model, but it suffers from a couple key challenges that impede normal army painting. First, it's plastic with rough places for mold lines to be cleared from. Second, it's challenging to put together and properly "gap fill" all the places where things don't fit tight. Third, it's got a complex form for painting when it's fully assembled. Put all these things together and it makes it rough going since it would be easier to paint in parts, but that becomes a logistical nightmare since the proper gap filling requires serious work that would then have to be painted over.

All that said, I'm happy with the results. I should have used the airbrush but for some reason my airbrush and I have been fighting a lot and I just decided not to increase my frustration on that front. I will say that the one piece I'm happy about is how the base worked out. This got it well up and above and disguised the flight base quite nicely. I'm looking forward to fielding this just to see how it looks on the table up high like it is. And being plastic means it's far more stable than the Angelius conversion I did ages ago that turned out quite top heavy.

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