Saturday, February 06, 2016

Battle Report: Saeryn and Rhyas vs Axis

My list: Saeryn & Rhyas, Zuriel, Seraph, Bloodseer, Shredder, 2x Blightwasps, 2 Shepherds, Blackfrost Shard, Hex Hunters (10+UA), Bone Grinders (6).

My opponent: Axis (tier 4), Corollary, 2x Inverter, 4x Enigma Foundry, 2x Obstructors, Reductors, 3x Clockwork Angels, Optifex Directive.

My list above was essentially a "stuff I've painted but haven't played" list for Legion. I tried to turn it into a legit list, but it still had some issues. I'd probably drop the Wasps for something else next time.

We played the SR2015 Outflank scenario again (cause we were lazy) and played to deathclock (more on that below). I lost initiative so of course the Axis jam was fully on. I'm going to fast forward the game though to where this picture was taken. I jammed Rhyas right in and slayed 2 fully loaded Foundries which caused no end of chaos for Axis. On the next turn, the nearest Inverter totally failed to knock her down or even hit her more than once, which triggered a pile of Riposte attacks. Unfortunately the second Inverter slammed the first over her and that left her in a bad situation where she ended up getting killed by Obstructors of all things. This all happened after Axis feated which left Saeryn unable to properly counterattack. I chose to press forward and mop up more stuff, including getting Zuriel in to destroy the other 2 Foundries. Axis then moved around trying to dominate the zone but with the clock running low things were getting frantic. At this point that he clocked over to me I had 3 minutes on my clock and was losing on scenario 0-4, so I went for it. Saeryn gets slipstreamed by the Bloodseer (which moved in to engage an Inverter and prevent any countercharge, then she charged forward and feated to put Rhyas into melee with Axis. Unfortunately he was camping full focus putting him at ARM 23. I swung a bunch of time but unfortunately it wasn't enough. At this point I clocked out and essentially lost on time and scenario, if not assassination.

Lessons learned: First, operating the Twins is tricky business. They have independent control areas which affects how leeching can be done, plus if one is killed then there's a surplus of fury on the table usually. And since they are a unit, it's extra tricky (kinda like Haley3 is). Beyond that though, I really enjoyed playing them. I'm sort of excited at the idea of playing them again sometime. I'm also much more sold on Zuriel now having played him.

Games this year: 5

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