Friday, February 19, 2016

Battle Report: Stryker2 vs Lucant

Sometimes foolish decisions result in beautiful destruction.

My list: Stryker2, Squire, Ol Rowdy, Stormclad, Sentinel, Lancer, Stormguard (10), 2x Stormblades (6+UA), 2 Stormblade Captains. Fuel Cache Objective.

My opponent: Lucant, Corollary, Axiom, 2 Emergence Projectors, Enigma Foundry, Obstructors (10), Reductors (6), Optifex Directive. Bunker Objective.

We played the SR2015 Recon scenario with deathclock, and I lost initiative which meant I got to chose the side with the hill just outside my deployment zone. The first round was pretty much as expected, with everything running towards each other, my own forces trying to fan out as much as possible so that the battle engines wouldn't be able to spray too much down. Then instead of advancing and spraying down at my wall of troops, Lucant opts to feat and jam the Axiom and one battle engine right up into my front line. My counter attack was vicious, with a unit of Stormblades wrecking the battle engine and then Stryker using overpower to roll up and chop down the ARM 24 Axiom handily after rolling +14 for STR. However it left Stryker in a dangerous position and Lucant was able to drop 2 boosted spells onto Stryker who only had 4 health remaining which ended him pretty easily.

Lessons learned: Remember Stryker's feat! If I'd remembered it, Stryker could have moved back 3" and that would have made all the difference for him surviving. Beyond that, I was just very happy with how my army performed. Just a matter of more practice.

Games this year: 7

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