Friday, February 12, 2016

Battle Report: Stryker2 vs Madrak2

And then dice happened...

My list: Stryker2, Squire, Ol Rowdy, Stormclad, Sentinel, Lancer, Stormguard (10), 2x Stormblades (6+UA), 2 Stormblade Captains.

My opponent: Madrak2, Mulg, Pyre Troll, Axer, Fell Caller, Fennblade Kithkar, Stone Scribe Chronicler, Fire Eaters, Fennblades (10+UA), Krielstone Bearer (4+UA), Long Riders (3).

This report is going to be abbreviated because I'm sleepy, and the game was last night and I'm not remembering it all clearly. We played the SR2015 Outflank scenario again (cause we were lazy) and played a loose deathclock (more on that below). I lost initiative of course (because I seem to always lose it). There was rushing forward on both our first turns, followed by a running of Fennblades into melee and then Madrak feating to clear a lot of troops. Then at this point I had a potential assassination run, but an unfortunate snake eyes roll by a Stormblade Captain left a whole unit of Stormblades pinned by a single Fennblade. From there things just continued to be an uphill battle that I would only win through a protracted attrition battle. Now I should note that I'm a little torn on how to report this one. By clock, I won this one handily. However at the beginning we both agreed we'd just use the clock as a guide but not play strict. In the end, I was losing on scenario and failed an assassination run, at which point I conceded.

Lessons learned: Stryker2 is amusing because he's always threatening. Madrak2 is tough to kill because he's always going to be camping a couple fury and can sacrifice nearby warrior models. In hindsight I think I could have won this one if I'd played things a bit differently and not had rough dice for a big chunk of the game.

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