Sunday, February 14, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #109

Hobby halt for Valentine's Day.

Great week. Finish Caine2 and Sloan. The Gobber Tinker is nearly done as well, as can be seen here. And the final unit of Gun Mages is started, although not terribly far along yet. Got a big batch (23 30mm and a 120mm) of Tau Ceti bases painted up for future Cygnar models as well. Painting up the 120mm is basically wishful thinking that the Hurricane will come out before I get bored of Cygnar (hee hee). I also got Ace assembled and primed. At the same time I was attempting to prime the Enigma Foundry but it decided to explode and fall to the cement floor of my garage. I picked up the pieces and I'll assess the damage later. *sigh*

I also painted this terrain piece. It's one of the Secret Weapon Miniatures' Archeo-Tech Obelisks. It's was a breeze to paint. I didn't go for amazing quality obviously, but I did aim to make it match my newer style of mercenary bases just because I like the look. It was a fun and quick side project while painting other things.

At this point I'm honestly not sure why I'm tracking this paint target except that it nails finishing up another unit and gets me closer to fully painted. But that list is getting shorter and shorter anyway.

Cygnar Paint Taget (tier 4):
pCaine - done
Ace - primed
Reliant - done
2 Gun Mage Captains - done
Gun Mages + UA (1st) - done
Gun Mages + UA (2nd) - painting
2 Hunters - done
Black 13th - done
Tempest Blazers - done

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