Sunday, February 21, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #110

Crazy good week for playing and hobby time.

Time to review my progress for this week. Trimmed, assembled and primed Stormguard. Repaired the Enigma Foundry and got it primed properly. Base coat work on Ace and Enigma Foundry. Finished Gun Mages and Tinker. Oh, and I bought Storm Lances, despite my desire to reach fully painted, in order to support the new LGS which is just a mile and a half away from my home.

Cygnar Paint Taget (tier 4):
pCaine - done
Ace - painting
Reliant - done
2 Gun Mage Captains - done
Gun Mages + UA (1st) - done
Gun Mages + UA (2nd) - done
2 Hunters - done
Black 13th - done
Tempest Blazers - done

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