Sunday, February 07, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #108

What a horrible week. Migraines suck.

Pretty busy week, but not a lot actually completed. The Gobber Tinker, Caine2, and Sloan are all in progress, along with a piece of terrain. I also finished assembling the Sacral Vault (man was that a lot of candles) along with an Enigma Foundry (which I'm painting for my buddy Lance). Hopefully this week will result in a lot of completed stuff. Odds are this week will also result in an influx of new models since the new LGS branch will be opening just a couple miles from where I live.

On a side note, as I was writing up my battle report yesterday and recording the game in Steam Genius, I noticed that so far I am 0-5 for this year. How sad. Last year overall I was 20-16. Not amazing, but interesting none the less.

Cygnar Paint Taget (tier 4):
pCaine - done
Ace - unowned
Reliant - done
2 Gun Mage Captains - done
Gun Mages + UA (1st) - done
Gun Mages + UA (2nd) - primed
2 Hunters - done
Black 13th - done
Tempest Blazers - done

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