Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Battle Report: Nemo3 vs Strakhov1


My list: Nemo3 & Finch, Squire, Dynamo, 3 Fireflies, 2 Storm Striders, Silverlines (10).

My opponent: Strakhov, Behemoth, Ruin, Juggernaut, Black Dragons (10+UA), Drakhuun, Widowmakers, 2 Manhunters.

Scenario: Mosh Pit (book), no clock.

So this battle exemplified everything that I love in a game of Warmachine. Both of our armies got to do their special things. We learned rules and our models. We got to punch each other in the face. Our dice both succeeded and failed us. There was much laughter. Overall, it was a blast. Rather than try to recount the battle, here's some highlights...
I managed to get a full stack of boosting on a Juggernaut! The Silverlines put their template on it for +2 electrical damage. There was a Firefly within 5" of it for +2 more damage. There was a Storm Strider within 10" of it for +2 to hit. And then Nemo feated for an extra die of damage. At this point a Storm Strider got to plug the thing with 2 effective POW 19+3d6 damage hits which left my opponent both laughing and crying.
Strakhov got to super missile both Ruin and Behemoth into my army, on 2 separate turns. They did crazy damage, although poor Ruin failed to take out Dynamo in a single alpha strike.
Overall the battle was great fun. As it wore on though, I was losing on attrition so I orchestrated an assassination attempt on Strakhov. After clearing a lane and engagement, 1 Storm Strider was able to aim at Strakov while gaining the +2 bonus from the other Storm Strider, thus needing 5's to hit. Unfortunately I missed with one of those attacks. That combined with a fully-boosted lightning strike from Nemo, on average dice, would have put Strakhov into "extra crispy" mode. Oh well, such is the nature of a game that uses dice. Still, despite the loss, I feel like I played pretty well and used my entire army to great effect.

Lessons learned: Ruin and Behemoth are dangerous. I love the Storm Strider still, especially with Nemo3. Dynamo is just crazy good all around. Most of all, I need to read my opponent's cards more carefully at the start of each game.

Games this year: 39

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