Friday, July 15, 2016

From the Desk: Marking Arcs

As a part of working towards my yearly goals, I've started painting arcs on my Legion models. I'm hoping to bang this out pretty fast, and to that end I'm going to use some short posts here to keep me motivated and track my progress. To that end, I've broken down all the models into groups for easy tracking. I'm sure I'll collapse this down more as I make progress. I'm also not including stuff that isn't painted at this point.

Warlocks: 2/17
Heavy Beasts: 1/13
Light Beasts: 7/10
Lesser Beasts: 24/24
Pack Beasts: 0/8
Solos: 0/13
Incubi: 0/10
Scather Crew: 0/3
Spawning Vessel: 0/8 (including Blighted Bather)
Warmongers: 0/5
Warspears: 0/6
Raptors: 0/5
Striders: 0/8
Hex Hunters: 0/11
Legionnaires: 0/12
Blackfrost Shard: 0/3
Total: -/165
Let's see how fast I can get this done!

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