Sunday, July 17, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #129

Not going to be many weekend updates for a while. Family vacation is about to launch.

Joy of joys! Liquitex Burnt Sienna ink is a wonderful replacement for the old GW Chestnut ink that was ended years ago. I'm so excited!! I tested it out a bit and it's a pretty fantastic.

Ran out of dullcoat. Doh! Kryssa would be completely done except I need to spray her with dullcoat. It's on it's way though, so hopefully this week.

Got some progress done on the new Proteus, as well as the Scythean parts to convert my old Proteus with. That is going to be a real nerve-wracking conversion process for sure!

Arc painting progress:
Warlocks: 16/16
Heavy Beasts: 11/11
(Seraph, 2 Angelius, Typhon, Neraph, eCarnivian) Light Beasts: 10/10
Lesser Beasts: 24/24
Pack Beasts: 8/8
Solos: 13/13
Incubi: 10/10
Small Based Units: 34/34 (Striders+UA, Hex Hunters+UA, Legionnaires+UA, Blackfrost Shard)
Medium Based Units: 11/11 (Warmongers, Warspears+UA)
Cavalry Units: 5/5 (Raptors)
Artillery/Support Units: 11/11 (Scather, Spawning Vessel, Blighted Bather)
Total: -/153
No arcs needed: 3 (Lylyt3, Throne, Archangel)
Unpainted models: 15 (2 Hellmouths, 2 Shredders, Bolt Thrower, Neraph, Proteus, Kryssa, Scythean)
For some reason my model collection total is off for Legion, so that's now updated. Further proof that I'm more of a Cygnar player than a Legion player I guess.

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