Sunday, July 17, 2016

From the Desk: Marking Arcs (part 4)

Latest update. This time I was painting Raptors and remembered I also need to paint numbers on multi-wound models.

Warlocks: 9/16
Heavy Beasts: 1/13
Light Beasts: 10/10
Lesser Beasts: 24/24
Pack Beasts: 8/8
Solos: 11/13
Incubi: 10/10
Small Based Units: 31/34 (Striders+UA, Hex Hunters+UA, Legionnaires+UA, Blackfrost Shard)
Medium Based Units: 11/11 (Warmongers, Warspears+UA)
Cavalry Units: 5/5 (Raptors)
Artillery/Support Units: 10/11 (Scather, Spawning Vessel, Blighted Bather)

Total: -/164

Realized today that Lylyth3, Archangel, and Throne don't need arcs. Duh. I keep updating total counts as I figure out stuff. Will post another update this evening.

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