Friday, July 22, 2016

Battle Report: Sloan vs Ravyn, Kryssa vs Helynna

Pointlessly brief double battle report.

Game 1:
My list: Sloan, Squire, Avenger, Dynamo 2 Fireflies, Reliant, Strangeways, 2 Gun Mage Captains, Acosta, Ragman, Bokur, Anastasia.
My opponent: Ravyn, Corbeau, Banchee, Manticore, Mechanik, Artificer, Voidtracer, Destors (5), Sentinels (6+UA), Electromancers, Dahlia, Skarath.
Scenario: , no clock.
My opponent's dice peed all over me again. The coup de grace was when a Soulless Voidtracer charged in an killed Acosta (needing a 10 to hit and 10 to kill), which ended up completely breaking my board control on the left zone. After that I got flustered and made scenario errors, despite the fact that I was winning the attrition war. We played it out after my failure to stop him from winning on scenario and I would have won eventually, but it was still a stupid loss on my part.
Lessons learned: Sloan's new feat is good, but she'll be focused starved during it. Still, it works lovely with Dynamo. Plus, I still love Fireflies. Lots.

Game 2:
My List: Kryssa, Neraph, Bolt Thrower, 2 Shredders
My opponent: Helynna, Manticore, Griffon, Chimera
This was mostly just a quick test to see how competitive the two battle boxes are. Honestly, I got super lucky on an assassination run. The Bolt Thrower managed to crit knockdown the Griffon out of the way, and then Kryssa was able to Quickness to the side and charge Helynna, promptly getting a crit and cranking dice rolls well enough to kill Helynna just exactly.
Lessons learned: The Legion battlebox is a pretty tough kit to use. It requires a lot of hit and run tactics, but if the opponent has decent armor, it's not going to go well. It really revolves around Kryssa getting a good assassination run using her feat. I like the idea of her using the Neraph animus to further pull models forward into range of other stuff, but even then it's pretty tricky.

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